Beyond Burnout: Adventure Reset

Struggle to be present, build relationships with your kids while also being a strong & independent man?

Live Training:  How to save your relationship with your kids and partner while enjoying life on your terms again

Even if you feel stressed, sleepless, lost and not sure what to do next

Matt Walker

International Mountain Guide and Men's Coach

Matt Walker Adventure

LIVE - Thursday, June 20, 2024 10:00am PT

  • Therapy Vs Experiential Modalities - Way more effective then once a week therapy, self-help books or DIY

  • Independence- the 3 questions you need to ask your partner to figure out exactly how to make this work quickly

  • The car principle - Why spending money on things for you or the kids actually makes the situation worse

Ultra-busy professional men.

Men who love the outdoors.

Men who are self-improvement oriented.

Men who are sick and tired of playing it small.

Note: This is NOT for complainers, negative people, or those who aren’t thirsty for more adventure!